What equipment will I need to learn to play guitar?

Here are some essential pieces of equipment you will need to play acoustic or electric guitar.


For beginners I recommend using Jim Dunlop brand nylon plectrums.

The .73mm and .88mm are great for players starting out as they are more flexible and softer sounding plectrums. You should buy plectrums in bulk as they are quite easy to lose.

Guitar Tuner

A tuner is essential for all players. There are many great makes, Korg, Boss, Planet waves etc. They are very easy to use and will make you sound better as a player. Tuners are more affordable than ever, you should be able to get a good tuner for around £15 that will last you years.

A Capo

Capos are great for novice players as you can play songs that would usually require more difficult chord shapes. By placing a capo on the fretboard you will be able to play simple open chords for songs in different keys. Good makes I would recommend are Jim Dunlop, Shubb, G 7th and Planet Waves. Avoid cheaper capos as they tend to break easily. A good quality capo is around £15.


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