Lesson Structure

http://guitarlessons-edinburgh.co.uk/Lessons are structured on a student to student basis. I adapt each lesson plan to produce the best results for each individual student. In the 1st lesson I will ask the student to give me a general outline of the type of music they would like to play and we will map out an approach to get you playing in that particular style at a good level.

For example if you are a beginner here is a general structure that I will follow.

Lesson 1 – Basic lesson, you will learn how to read guitar notation (chord boxes, guitar tablature). We will also cover some core information such as notes of the strings and the names of the parts of the guitar (bridge, fretboard etc.) After a brief overview on notation and the parts of the guitar we will get you playing, learning chords, strumming techniques, and hand positioning. At the end of each lesson I will give you excercises and songs to work on during the week. I advise new students to practice at least 15-20 min 5 days a week to see a good steady level of progress.

Each lesson is supplemented with study notes to work on for the next lesson. I also provide video accompaniement for lessons which are uploaded to the edinburgh guitar lessons youtube channel.

I also teach and prepare students for grade exams such as the RGT exams and the Rock School course.

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